Gilles Samyn

Gilles Samyn is currently the Managing Director of Groupe Frère, the private holding company of Albert Frère.

Mr. Samyn is on the board of several quoted and non-quoted companies including Pernod Ricard, Erbe, Groupe Flo, APG / SGA, Transcor Astra Group, and Banca Leonardo.

Mr. Samyn began his career as an advisor to the Mouvement Coopératif Belge, after which he moved on to Groupe Bruxelles Lambert in 1974.

After one year developing a successful financial advisory business, he joined the Frère-Bourgeois group in 1983 where he is Managing Director in addition to being Managing Director of CNP. CNP was for many years part of the BEL20 index of the Brussels Stock Exchange.

He has been a Director of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert since 1987 and a Director at Pargesa Holding SA since 1992.

Mr. Samyn is an engineering graduate of the Solvay Business School, part of Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), where he has held research and teaching positions since 1969. Mr. Samyn is honorary Chairman of Solvay School’s Alumni.